Fire Awareness Training

During our monthly company Toolbox Talk and Safety Meeting in November 2018, Kenshaw engaged Maxwell Training to give a presentation on Fire Awareness. The purpose of this is to provide our workers with an understanding of fire safety through practical demonstrations on how to use portable fire equipment to extinguish various types of fire. It is important that everyone in our workplace is prepared for a fire and is aware of what they need to do if a fire occurs, as well as prevention. The main points highlighted during this training session were: Recognising fire hazards, how to conduct a fire risk assessment, fire prevention and how to effectively respond to an active fire. Great involvement by all employees. The Kenshaw team regularly participate in fire and evacuation drills as well as following below tips to keep our workplace fire safe:

  • Ensure complete accessibility to all fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets), electrical panels and emergency exits.
  • Do not block walkways, work areas or exits with clutter that could obstruct a quick evacuation or add fuel to a fire
  • Ensure litter, especially things like oily rags are disposed of in the correct manner
  • Always carry out routine service and maintenance on all electrical equipment to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Immediaftely notify management If you notice any electrical hazards in the workplace
  • Ensure chemicals are stored correctly, with correct labelling and Material Safety Data Sheet available
  • Ensure all fire fighting equipment is regularly serviced and in good working order

Photos from the day

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