Diesel Fuel Polishing.

Diesel fuel Polishing.

Did you know that Diesel engines are subject to premature wear and damage from ‘dirty fuel’?

When fuel filters become obstructed from impurities, restricted fuel flow negatively impacts filter and engine performance.

Most think that as a rule, if diesel fuel is kept clean, cool and dry, it can be stored for up to 12 months without any significant damage, however, this is not 100% true for fuel stored in a tank under regular use, that is constantly re-circulating fuel, water and deterioration. Contaminants temporarily settle at the bottom of the tank and can become stirred up and suspended in the fuel upon every re-fuel.

Diesel engines cannot tolerate ongoing particle contamination. Injectors become clogged and damaged and degraded fuel can cause corrosion within fuel system components. In regard to water contamination, injector life and performance begin to be reduced when water content increases. Water-contaminated fuel damages injector tips, reduces combustibility and negatively impacts the ability of diesel fuel to lubricate the engine.

Fuel Polishing; What is it and How Kenshaw can help:

Kenshaw has the capability to offer a fuel filtration and polishing service using our state of the art Filtertechnik Portable Fuel Polisher to improve the longevity of your diesel generator system. Fuel polishing cleans out sludge, water and other non-fuel solids by filtering the fuel to return it back to its original, contamination-free condition. Fuel polishing can get rid of water from fuel, clean out solids and solve contaminant problems that affect the quality of the fuel, therefore affecting the quality of your diesel engine.

For more information on diesel fuel polishing services, please feel free to contact our office on (02) 4903 1500 or ask the technician at your next service to arrange our Service Team to contact you and discuss your requirements.

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