Hearing Protection Awareness

Hearing Protection Awareness

Kenshaw engaged Madison Safety to present Hearing Protection Awareness at our monthly Company Toolbox Talk and Safety Meeting for February 2019. This was conducted in an interactive format, highlighting correct fitting of various types of hearing protection. Safe Work Australia estimates that approximately 1 million employees in Australia will be exposed to dangerous levels of noise in the workplace, with noise exposure being the most common preventable cause of occupational hearing loss. Although noise induced hearing loss is permanent, it is preventable through changes to work environment and by wearing certified protective devices such as earplugs and earmuffs. The Kenshaw team regularly participate in safety programs, toolbox talks, safety meetings, safety audits and hazard identification and comply with legislative and site requirements. Our primary Safety Values are:

Fit for work – Never attend work under the influence of drugs, alcohol or fatigue.

Mechanical lifting/ Suspended Loads – I will never place myself or others under a suspended load.

Electrical Energy – I will not work on live electrical circuits.

Isolation – I will always isolate and verify wherever the chance of energy release is possible.

Working with Hands and Hand Tools – I will exercise care whenever working with my hands.

Working at Heights – I will not work above 1.8m without fall arrest equipment.

Manual Handling – I will find a solution that prevents injury.

Motor Vehicles/Plant and Equipment – I will always obey all road rules and site-specific rules when operating motor vehicles, plant and equipment.

Risk Assessment – I will assess the risks and hazards before starting any job to ensure adequate cfontrols are put in place to prevent injury and/ or negative impacts to the environment.

Reporting – I will report any safety and/ or environmental incident via the correct channels and ensure that it is followed through to completion.

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