Club Taree

Club Taree is a major centre for the local community. The club has suffered in the past due to black outs and loss of power, resulting in loss of revenue, club patronage and community access to the clubs facilities. This project has enabled Club Taree to now operate through any local power outages without any disruption or loss of services to the local community.

Since installing the generator, we have had nil disruptions to the club’s operations which allows us to better service our local community.

Chris Bale – Operations Manager, Club Taree.

Project included:
  • Supply & Install Cummins 550kVA Open-Frame Generator inside existing utilities room
  • Installation of ATS
  • Design and install custom Stainless Steel exhausts system.
  • Commissioning and Staff Training.


Client: Club Taree
Year: 2017
Location: Taree, NSW